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Casting tree of bronze chess pieces.

Concept Development

We'll work with you to flesh out your ideas using your drawings, samples, or simply your inspiration. You can rely on our expertise to guide you when making one of a kind fine jewelry or production jewelry destined for a larger market. Having a well thought out initial design, with a specific intention, will lead to success in the final product.

3D CAD Services

Using computer assisted design (CAD) allows the freedom to create designs that are intensely geometric, sublimely sculptural, or both at once. At Sierra, we utilize Matrix & Z-brush software to create 3-D models. We work with your sketches, photos, or ideas to create a 3-D model to your exact specifications. One of the great advantages of working with CAD through the design process is seeing your part before you have it made. Through a series of renderings, you'll be able to see your project and refine it until every detail has been addressed. You'll also be able to see your design in a variety of materials to better inform your choice of metal and finishing. Once you are satisfied with your model, it will be sent to a CAM (computer assisted machining) device that creates an accurate prototype of your piece. Your prototype is then ready for molding or casting.

Prototyping Services

Depending on the nature of your design, it will be prototyped using either growing/printing or milling technologies. Additive Manufacturing systems can "grow" or "print" a model. The "growing" method creates a model in layers using light sensitive photopolymers which are cured in place by lasers or projectors. "Printing" is a manufacturing technology where a model is created by adding successive layers of thermoplastic material. Wax milling is done using a 4 axis mill, which accurately produces wax models by removing material from a solid piece of machineable wax. Either of these methods produce a part that can be cast or molded directly.

Precious Metal Casting

Your design can be cast in a variety of metals using the lost wax casting process. Pieces can be polished to your desired finish, or sent to you as a "raw" casting to be finished personally/privately.