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Who owns the rights to the design?

You own the rights to your designs and files. Your jewelry design ideas, images and 3D models are safe with Sierra Design Studios. We do sign NDA agreements for our customers upon request.

Do you offer production casting?

No. However, we will help you find the right suppliers and jewelry servicers in the industry, based on each individual project

What's a typical turn around time?

This varies greatly from project to project. Generally it takes about 10 working days for a new project to come up in queue. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the potential turn around time on your specific project.

What's the difference between growing and wax milling?

Additive Manufacturing systems can "grow" or "print" a model. The "growing" method creates a model in layers using light sensitive photopolymers which are cured in place by lasers or projectors. "Printing" is a manufacturing technology where a model is created by adding successive layers of thermoplastic material. Wax milling is done using a 4 axis mill, which accurately produces wax models by removing material from a solid piece of machineable wax.

What about shrinkage?

There is virtually no shrinkage in the creation of the model. There may be minimal shrinkage in casting the model, but there will be shrinkage when and if the model is molded. The original can be sized to compensate for the degree of shrinkage, depending on what kind of mold is used.

What software do you use?

We use Rhino, Matrix, T-splines, and Z-brush.

How long does the CAD process take?

The time it takes to go through the CAD model making process varies, depending on the complexity of the part and the amount of reworking that needs to occur throughout the process.

What specs do you need to create a 3-D model?

The more information you provide, the less guesswork for our design staff. Providing as much information as possible works best. However, if you're just getting started, we can work with you starting with the information you have; we can continue the process with your review of mock-ups and renderings. Your ongoing feedback at each design step clears the way for the next step.

How much does CAD service cost?

We offer an initial free fifteen minute consultation. Once you decide to proceed with our CAD services, there is a $85 per hour fee for design work, with a one hour minimum. The prototyping fee is based on the size and complexity of the part, and can vary.